October Nights

October is by far my favorite of all the months, for many reasons. With all the stores shoving candy down our throats, it makes it perfectly acceptable (at least by my standards) to engage in some good old fashion candy binging. And who doesn’t love dressing up? Halloween is the perfect time to show off your expensive new costume, a slutty “insert any word here”. But most importantly, Halloween TV. Yes, folks, Halloween TV is an entire month of horror, horror, horror. Whether it’s AMC Fear Fest or 31 Days of Halloween on SyFy, you can’t go wrong. Even as I write this I’m watching a Friday the 13th marathon. October TV wants to scare us and I am up to the challenge. So let the screaming commence, your blood run cold, your toes curl, and try not to choke on your popcorn. There’s still half a month more of it, for those of you who have been slacking. Your homework this week: Sit your ass down and put some FRIGHT in your night!

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One Response to October Nights

  1. I’m definitely looking forward to this Halloween!

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